Middle Tennessee

FW sumpdiver@cavediver.net

6/14/2004 8:41:00 AM

TAG update

TJ, John McMacken, Marbry and FW went back to middle Tennessee June 12-13.

On Saturday TJ and Marbry laid and surveyed another 1000’ of line to the “nice natural spring” on the Cumberland Plateau that they first explored in late May. All together, there is about 2000’ of line there now. The visibility was very good for the area, over 20 feet. The temperature was a whooping 54 degrees. The dive took 83 minutes, so TJ was a little cold. I guess he has lived in Florida too long.

John, FW and TJ replaced the the first 1000’ of un-knotted line, and surveyed the new line. Unfortunately, due to a mis-communication, we were “evicted” from the property. They thought they had “standing” permission, but now will have to re-negotiate with the land owner to get access back.

On Sunday TJ and FW went back through the sump “inside a cave west of Murfreesboro”, that they first pushed through 3 weeks ago. It had rained Saturday night, so the visibility in the sump was only about 6 inches. They found and surveyed about 400’ of “dry” cave passage ending in another sump. Due the the time and poor visibility, they didn’t push the second sump.

The next trip (in July) will be back to Windy River. See the articles in Overhead Times for a description of the dives done there last summer.