We did another big push in upstream Snail Shell November 13th, 2004. Marbry and Forrest surveyed about another 1300', total. We had help from the Dogwood City Grotto to haul tanks in. We left them in the cave this time, for the next trip.

The main trunk gets pretty low about 900' past the end of the last survey. That would be about 3600' past the upstream sump. We stopped surveying because we were in water too deep to touch bottom, and no floatation other than wetsuits. It doesn't sump within sight of the last survey station, but was getting to be pretty low airspace. It might open up again, or sump.

We also surveyed one side lead. It is the one about 2000' in, on the north side. It was walking passage for about 250 feet, then dropped down to low airspace. Still not sumped within sight of the last survey station.

There are still some side leads not surveyed, or even explored. One crawl that had water coming out, and a couple of high leads. One lead might even be a bypass around the upstream sump.

Pictures from trip

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